GoT Cast on TV Guide Magazine Yacht! (x)

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Happy 44th birthday Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (July 27, 1970) !

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Rose, Gwendoline, Maisie & Sophie attend Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration at Float at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego [26.07.2014]

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Game of Thrones Expectations Vs. Reality via Imugr

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When I was thirteen I didn’t really think, okay, this is the way my character’s gonna go and she’s gonna end up like Maleficent and it’s gonna be great. When I started, I didn’t have a plan for her. It sounds really gross and pretentious, but I kinda grew with her, as an actress, while she grew as a character.

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"I say this with the utmost respect, but male writers tend to write female characters as either the angel or the whore."

—Natalie Dormer (via thatswhatgeeksdo)
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Stiles Stilinski + wet hair

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…or glowing eyes, or supersenses: I just have voices in my head

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Will: Prepare for trouble
Jem: Make it double
Will: To protect the world from devastation
Jem: To unite all shadowhunters within our nation
Will: To denounce the evils of truth and love
Jem: To extend our reach to the stars above
Will: William
Jem: James
Will: Parabatai blast off at the speed of light
Jem: Surrender now or prepare to fight
Henry: By the angel, that’s right!
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Easy for you to say, he thought back. You died brave in battle, storming the castle of a foe. I’m going to die a turncloak and a killer.

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These are the things, the things we lost
These are the things we lost in the fire

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• {Margaery Tyrell} •

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